16-19 Novembre 2016 / 1° salone internazionale di.....

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16-19 Novembre 2016 / 1° salone internazionale di.....
« il: Marzo 09, 2016, 11:54:50 am »
....di Tehran !
Qualcuno ci va ?
Chi porterà una DS ?

Please find attached application and agreement forms for
Tehran International Auto Spare Part Show
16 – 19 November 2016, IAP 2016.
Please fill the forms and send back for further informations.
Pricing is as follow,
Indoor space, 370 Euro per sqm.
Outdoor as bare space 200 Euro per sqm.
Outdoor space as equipped 250 Euro per sqm.
Including taxes, electircity consumption as mono-phase.
Application forms should be completed and sent to IDRO International Trading Company,
hereinafter called “IDRO” not later than 5.March .2016
Space booking: 50% upon receipt of the invoice on signing this agreement. The remaining
amount shall be paid 45 days up to the exhibition date.
Note: Exhibitor cannot have the floor plan until he pays the 50% of registration fee. The
receipt of payment shall be sent to IDRO by fax or email.
* Participants should cover all banking charges /Transferring Fees.
Subletting, Exhibitors are not allowed to assign or sublet their allocated space, whether in
whole or part.
Participant who has been registered and paid part or all the registration fees, wishing to
cancel their participation, if they inform IDRO, 60 days before the beginning the Fair, 100%,
payment will be refunded. Cancellation between 30-60 days, 50%, and from 30 to 15 days
before the opening day 80% of the total booth rental value will be deducted and the rest shall
be refunded. From that time onward, and during the exhibition no money shall be refunded
for any cancellation or non-attendance at trade shows.

Stand Allocation: The Organizer will draw up the exhibition floor plan and will allocate the
various stands, in accordance with the chronological order of admissions. IDRO may in
exceptional circumstances alter the location of rented area, with a tolerance of 15%±.
The equipped stands will be put at participant’s disposal for preparation at least 24 hours
before the opening date of the fair.
The bare stands will be put at the disposal of the participants at least 4 days before the
opening date of the fair for construction.
Participants who have applied for an equipped stand but intend to alter it to bare stand,
should inform IDRO, 25 days before the opening day otherwise, should pay the charges based
on equipped stand.

Participants wishing to demonstrate the operation of their exhibits (any kind of machinery)
must obtain the prior approval of IDRO.
Participants with bare space shall forward the design of their booths to the organizer 20 days
before opening day for approval. Also, they shall respect the maximal height of stands which
varies in different halls. The signboard of stands must not exceed the height in each hall.
Participants who applied for a stand in the open area: All provisions for booths in covered
area will applied for open area as well.

All exhibitors will be required to complete their installations and decoration one day prior to
opening ceremony & all unnecessary materials should be removed from the stands.
Participants, with a two-story stand, shall pay an additional 50% of rental value of the
ground floor. The amount should be paid 30 days before the opening day.

Participants requiring additional lighting and/or 3 phase electricity or telephone line should
apply and fill out the relevant form and forward it to IDRO at least 20 days before the
opening day of the fair and pay the related charges to IIEC.
Open area consisted: with and without prefabricated booth therefore, participants shall fill
out the relevant form and proceed with the payment.

Parking lots will be provided for participants according to following:
o Indoor Booths: One free parking card for 12sqm or less, 2 cards for up to 50sqm and
3 cards for 51sqm or above.
o Outdoor Booths: One parking card for 50sqm or less, 2 cards for up to 100sqm and 3
cards for 101sqm or above.
To issue identity cards, exhibitors should submit completed form (No.3) for all personnel
who will be present at the fair, at least 30 days before the opening day.
 Iranian nationals should submit a personal 3x4 cm photo or its scan file.
 Non-Iranians should submit a copy of their passport in print or scan file.
Specifications of companies will be published in the fair book on the base of information in
form (No. 2) in English. One copy of the fair book will be presented to each exhibitor, free of
Participants’ banner or sign-boards must be used only within the area of their pavilion.
IDRO provides guards for general watching of halls for the whole period of the fair while
the halls entrance are locked after closing hours. However, participants are advised to make
their own arrangements for safeguarding their exhibits during the visiting hours of the fair.
Participants must be present at their booths during the exhibition and IDRO has no
responsibility to protect personal belongings and goods at the exhibition booth during the
visiting hour.
Participants should keep their stands open during the visiting hours. They are not allowed to
close their stands or pavilions before the closing time of the fair.
Storage of flammable articles is prohibited.
Any comments regarding services or ... would be considered by IDRO during the fair.
Dismantling: Participants are requested to vacate and dismantle the stands & pavilions and
installations 2 days after the termination of the fair at the latest, otherwise IDRO will
dismantle the stands and pavilion at the participant’s expense and they will have no right to
demand compensation. In addition, in the event of any damage participant is obligated to
pay the compensation to IDRO.
Ladies clothes for exhibitors must include: scarf and long uniform (under the knee)
Compliance with Islamic principles. Therefore using short and tight uniform or using too
much make up out of the norm is strictly prohibited.
Gentlemen (exhibitors) as well as ladies should avoid wearing inappropriate clothing and

Additional furniture items may be ordered separately at extra cost from IDRO.
In case of occurrence of any force major events out of the organizer’s will ,such as
earthquake, flood, war and etc…., the agreement will be cancelled and all payments shall
be refunded to participant, after reduction of all expenses done before the event.